Take Home Tasting Box

A perfect way to try our 6 most popular flavors!

Vanilla Bean, Lemon Citrus, Red Velvet, Organic Banana, Chocolate Fudge and Brownie

If you are still shopping vendors, we recommend pre-ordering a take home box (no commitment to book)...  We will also provide a pricing sheet and booking details. 

 Tasting Boxes are available to ALL clients (celebration, wedding or small events)

Available Times:

Monday - Sunday 10am - 2pm at a prescheduled pickup time

Tasting Box (take home)

Planning Session with Tasting Box

A planning session is recommended when you are ready to book your event with a deposit and plan your wedding cake, dessert table and/or cupcake tower.   

A planning session is available for orders over $200.00+

(small cakes can be planned via phone/email)

Please be on time as we allow 45 minutes per client. 

Planning session will include a take home tasting box  for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Available Times:

Monday - Thursday 10am - 2pm at a prescheduled time

Sundays 10am - 2pm (Sundays book quickly!)

Planning Session with Tasting Box